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Meet the Team

Our team consists of passionately skilled professionals, who will breathe life into your skin and shape the foundations of your skincare programme. We have worked with many elements of this ever-changing industry, and bring up-to-date knowledge and skills, providing customised treatments and advice. We would love to work with you to take your skin to the next level.

Next of Skin was awarded AST clinic of the year: NSW 2013


 Alexia Shinas

Co-owner and Dermal Clinician  

Alexia is a passionate Dermal Clinician, Laser Expert, Beauty Therapist and Director. Alexia has had extensive industry experience of over 20 years and she discovered her passion for skin through her background as a Makeup Artist which led her to a long and successful career as a Model Agent and Film/TV Talent Scout.

Always seeking more knowledge, skills and education, Alexia continued her study from her Diploma of Beauty Therapy, to becoming a Dermal Clinician; providing advanced skincare techniques to address skin conditions and concerns. Alexia has a passion for understanding clients needs, delivering a completely intuitive approach and high standard of treatments. Alexia’s attention to detail, perfectionism and discreet nature has attracted a long standing and loyal Australian and international celebrity clientele.

Alexia performs many non-surgical anti-ageing treatments from HIFU,  Lasers,  Micro-needling,  IPL,  Chemical Peels and Acne treatments.

Steven Shinas

Steven Shinas

Co-Owner and Retail Specialist  

Steven is the co-owner of Next of Skin. While mastering the management, Steven easily adopted all facets of a professional retail specialist.

Steven has a positive business outlook with hospitality warmth and depth. Developing strong rapport with patients of Next of Skin comes naturally and his reassuring nature helps keep any apprehensions at bay.

Easily approachable, Steven can help answer any question, from treatment choices to retail decisions and much more.


Louise Farrar

Aesthetic Nurse 

Louise has dedicated her career to medicine and the art of cosmetic procedures. She graduated from Australian Catholic University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science (Bio) and has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical medical arena.

Louise has specifically worked with injectable pharmaceuticals since 2007, with the worlds largest anti wrinkle company, before leaving in 2013 to pursue advancements in her own career completing her Diploma in Nursing (EEN).

She continues her studies at the University of Notre Dame and strives to educate herself professionally on a regular basis. Her interest in cosmetic practices have led her to undergo certified advanced training with Allergan, Ipsen and Q-MED in the uses of various injectable muscle relaxants and dermal fillers.

Maram Hamawi

Maram Hamawi

Registered Nurse/Cosmetic Injector

Maram is a Registered Nurse with over 12 years experience. Maram has dedicated the last 7 years to specialising in Skin and cosmetic injectables. With ongoing education Maram has extensive knowledge and experience in Anti wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers.

Maram prides herself on her in depth consultation with clients, ensuring they receive the best education about muscle relaxants and Dermal fillers. Maram tailors a customised treatment plan to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

The combination of Maram extensive knowledge of skin, non surgical treatments and cosmetic injectable treatments,she will ensure you have a pleasant experience with the best treatment outcome.

Marams interest lies with patient safety and satisfaction.


Dr Jake Sloane

Cosmetic Doctor specialising in Advanced Aesthetics

Dr Jake Sloane is an expert in advanced cosmetic injectable treatments with over 10 years experience in anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. He is highly skilled and previously worked as a surgeon in both the UK and Australia. Now he focuses solely on non-surgical cosmetic treatments and his aim is simple – to provide safe and consistent treatments with excellent quality results. Dr Jake was also one of the first doctors in Australia to be trained in using the newest injectable treatment – fat dissolving injections. He has now distinguished himself as one of the most skilled doctors in the technique nationally.

People new to anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments often have a fear of looking ‘done’ and are ultra-cautious when it comes to injectables. No-one wants duck lips, chipmunk cheeks or to look changed. Dr Jake prides himself on achieving stunning results that look age-appropriate. He was taught by some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and has developed his own trademark treatments including the ‘Liquid Face Lift’ and ‘Liquid Nose Job’.

Dr Jake will re-define your understanding of what’s possible with cosmetic injectables. He works with his clients using a ‘total-face’ approach – this means that all of your facial features will be considered to enhance your overall look, balance your proportions and maximise your individual beauty.Using advanced techniques, non-surgical treatments are now often superior to surgery with minimal downtime, significantly less cost and risk involved.

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